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3voor12/Eindhoven live

3voor12/Eindhoven live. Foto: Lionne van der Hagen

Inspired by the now legendary radioshow Countdown Café, which was broadcasted from 1983 till 1994 on Dutch national radio, the current radioshow 3voor12/Eindhoven hosted a live broadcast at the PopEi café. I took care of the audio on site. In order to create a mix as good as possible, I worked in a neighboring room, isolated from the noise of the audience, the artists and the DJ’s, creating three separate mixes at once: one for the broadcasting, one monitoring for the artists, and one for the live audience in the café.

Mixing a radioshow

Mixing a radioshow

This first broadcast was a pilot. Meanwhile, a second pilot is scheduled at july 3rd, and powers decided, thanks to the success of this first pilot, that this program will be broadcasted once every two months, starting september.

For me, this is a fun new experience: live mixing in clear fluorescent light, without an audience surrounding me, and the harsh reality of the huge audio-compression at a radiostation, which is a nightmare for all live engineers. Although I have learned some things to take care of next time, this first pilot truly was a success.

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