Who or what is Their Master’s Sound?

Their Master’s Sound is a project of me, Maurice de Laat. For as long as I can remember, music and sound is a part of my life. In October 2007, I started the Audio Engineer course at the SAE Institute in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

This website serves mainly as an online career portfolio, so you can get an idea of my projects. Besides that, me and the artists very much like to get responses to our work, wheter it is positive or negative. We don’t spend hours for nothing! Therefor, a main feature of this website is to easily respond to articles.


I might serve you with my knowledge and creativity. As an audio engineer on a live event of your band or theatregroup or as a DJ on a party or in your pub or discotheque. A recording in a professional audiostudio and/or mixing of a demo or jingle is also a possibility. These are only a few examples. Please contact me with your ideas, and we sort it out!

Their Master’s Sound logo

Obviously, the logo refers to His Master’s Voice, a famous name in the music business, and for many years the name of a large record label.

The current logo first appeared late 2007 on a CD-cover designed by me and contains a picture of my two cats, Salt ‘n Pepa (named after the American hiphop band), who hope to one day get as famous as Nipper. Salt ‘n Pepa’s mother was found as a little devil on 6-6-6 in the surroundings of Eindhoven. The day after that, she gave birth to three kittens. A volunteer of Redcat took care of them for about four months, until they were completely healthy. Ever since then, me and Salt ‘n Pepa happily live together. They are always the first to hear my newest project 🙂

Website updates

I hope you are, and continue to be interested in my work. To easily be up to date, you can leave your email-adres on the right side of this page (below the Subscribe heading). When done so, you will automatically receive a short email when a new article has been published. The number of articles will be low; I expect them not more then once a month.

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