Hall of fame

I’ve worked for:

12 Gauge (S)
3 voor 12 Eindhoven (S+F+M+B)
3JS (S+F+M+R+B)
69 Diamonds (S+F+M)
9 AvM (B+R)
9 Lives (F+M)

Alasca (S)
Almost famous (S+M+F)
Alpenzusjes (S+M+R+B)
Alterskin (F+M)
Alzheimer memories (S+F+M)
Anvery (S)
Ape Not Mice (S+F+M)
Appie Kim (S)
aran (S+R)
Armand (B+M+S)
Art Felixx (S+M+B+R)
As enemies arise (S+F+M)
As own as we (S+F)
Asbestos in osbestrics (S+F)
Aurora borealis (S+F+M)
Autumn sun (S+F+M)

Baddi Hall & the lost boys (R+B+S+M)
Bandera Latina (S+M+R+B)
Barefoot trilbies (S)
Barnfarmers (F+M)
Beatniks (S+F+M)
Beez (S+F+M)
BenD (R)
Benno van Vugt (S+M+R+B)
Bertus Borgers (S)
Big Black & Beautiful (S+M+R+B)
Big low (S)
Bigns (S)
Bitcho (S)
Black-Bone (S)
Blame it on the beep (S)
Blokade (R)
Blowback (S)
Bo Saris (B)
Bobby Kingsize (S)
Boners Inc. (S+F+M)
Buurman (S+M+B+R)

Capcap…cap (S+F+M)
Catch & the Black Sweaters (S+F+M)
Center Parcs Eemhof Entertainmentteam (theater; S+F+M)
Center Parcs Erperheide (theater; F+M)
Center Parcs Kempervennen Entertainmentteam (theater; S+F+M)
Center Parcs Meerdal Entertainmentteam (theater; S+F)
Centrum voor Pop & Jazz (S+F+M)
Channel 7 (F+M)
Charles Bennet (F+M)
Chasing Tales (M+F+R)
Cheap smell (S+F+M)
Cheek Dimples (S+F+M)
Christa Polle (F+M)
Clayborn (S)
Civic (S)
Combat-Cat (B)
Common sense (S+F+M)
Compliments for your coffee (S+F+M)
Cool Genius (S)
Coquetes (F+M)
Curly Ice (S+F+M)

Daan Swart (S)
Da’click (F+M)
Davenport (S)
David Duwaer (S+F+M)
Davine (S+M+R+B)
DC Lama (S)
Deadly Viper Assassination Squad (S+F+M)
Def P & The Howling Coyotes (S)
De Deurzakkers (S+M+R+B)
Diede (S)
Digital orchestra (F+M)
Dirty bastards (F+M)
Dirty Harry Jazz Band (S+M+B)
Disco fever ghetto boiz (S+F+M)
Disgracefully Qualified (S)
DJ Don Gio (S)
DJ Hänsel (S)
DJ Sexisties (S)
Djurre van Dijck (S+F+M)
Django Wagner (R+B+S+M)
Do (R+B+S+M)
DoDo& the Dudes (S+F+M)
Dookie (S)
Doornen (S)
Dorini’s (R+B+M+S)
Douwe Bob (R+B+M+S)
Dret & Krulle (M)
Dukes of Desert (S)
Duo van 3 (S+F+M)

E-Quad (S)
Early adopters (F+M)
Edelhout (S+F+M)
El conjo (S+F+M)
Eleven’s Eve (F+M)

Fahrenheit twins (S)
Fall~ (S+F+M)
Felements (F+M)
Ferdie van Assche & Harmen Rooms (F+M)
Final Jam
Flesh made sin (S)
Floodriders (F+M)
Floor Hofman (S+F+M)
Flynn (S+F+M)
Foam (S)
Foob (F+M)
Fore and more (S+F+M)
Foretold (S)
Frans Duijts (S+R+B+M)

Gabriella Massa (S+M+R+B)
Gebouw 52 (F+M)
Gerda en Bartje Verdunschoten (F+M)
Getaway (S)
Gino Politi (S+M+R+B)
Girl friday (S)
Glow FM (S+F+M+B)
God’s monkey (S)
Good fortune (S+F+M)
Gray days (S)
Grim tim (F+M+S+B)
Grimm van Dango (S+F+M)
Groove foundation (S+F+M)

Harvest Moon (S+F+M)
Hasgold (S+F+M)
Havenzangers 2.0 (B+R+S+M)
Heart attack (F+M)
Heritage (S)
Highway Orange (S+F+M)
Homer (S)
Horse Fashion (S+M+B+R)
Human Demise (S)
Hunting the robot (S+F+M)
Huub Hangop (R+B+M+S)

Ijs (S)
Innocent Eyes (S+F+M)
Iridiscence (S+F+M)
Iris Penning (S+F+M+B)

Jacuzy sunset (S)
Janneke & the dude (S+F+M)
James Wood (S+F+M)
Jeangu Macrooy (S+F+M)
Jmd (S+F+M)
Jeroen Kant (S+F+M+R+B)
Jhilani Wijsman (S+F+M+R+B)
Johnny Purple (S+M+R+B)
Johnny Stardust (S+F+M)
Julian Sas (S)
JW Roy (S+M+R+B)

Kaligoh (F+M)
Kayleigh (S+F+M)
Kempenerpopprijs (S+F+M)
The Kik (S+M+B)
Kingsized (S+F+M)
Kids with guns (F+M)
King Jack (S)
Kings of the day (S)
Kiss again (S)
Knoke (S)
Komatsu (S)
Kristus Kut (S)
Kylfa (S)

Lavatory lazy (S)
Left (S)
Leonie Meijer (S+M+R+B)
Leylines (S+F+M)
Lightcity bandbattle (S+F+M)
Lobo (F+M)
Lookapony (T)
L.S. Delta (F+M)
LSD mossel (S)

Maddies Act (theater; S+F+M)
Major Tom (F+M)
Make ’em drop (F+M)
Makebelieve (S)
Malfunction (S+F+M)
Mariños (S+F+M)
Marion Schouten (theater; F+M)
Website Mark Blomsteel (S+M+B+R)
Maybe June (F+S+M+B+R)
Mensergerjeniet (S+F+M+R)
Metaphor (S+F+M)
Mijn muziekles (S+F+M)
Mike Ekkelboom (S+F+M)
Milkman (S)
Mindpark (S)
Mindy & the good vibes society (B+S+F+R)
Miss Soulange (F+M)
Mississippi delta brothers (S+F+M)
Mister Blue sky (S+F+M)
Monomyth (F+M)
Monstertone (S)
Moped (S+F+M)
Motorbongo (S+F+M)
Mr. Moto (R+B+S+M)
Mute (S)

Necronomic (S)
Neree (S+F+M)
Neuzige Tony en de Roffe Ponyclub + friends (S+F+M)
New Cool Collective (S+B)
Nice (S)
Nine.zero (S+F+M)
No more Jack (S+F+M)
Note to Amy (S)
Nova’s Singshop (S+F+M)
Nudity (S+F+M)

Occasion (F+M)
Offroad (S)
Omroep Brabant (R+B)
One harry (S)
One two trio (B+R+M+S)
On a greep slope in dark water (S+F+M)
Ons (S)
Ontwricht (S)
Op de foto klonk het beter (F+M)
Out of the box (F+M)
Overdose (S+F+M)
Overgrown (S+F+M)
Overlowded (F+M)
Overzee (S+F+M)

Panic attack (S+F+M)
Part of the weekend never dies (S+F+M)
Pelgrim (S)
Perestroika soundsystem (S)
Website Perfect Pitch (S+M+R+B)
Planet of sound (S+F+M)
Polski (M)
Post Bound (S+F+M)
Progress (S+F+M)

Rainbow Mafia (S+F+M)
Ratz (S)
Reaction (S+F+M)
Redemption falls (S)
Revolt (F+M)
River Zydeco band (S+F+M+R+B)
Rob de Mic (M)
Romal Shenwari (S+F+M)
Ronnie Ruysdael (S+M+R+B)
R.O.T.S (F+M)
Roughhouse (S)
Rowwen Heze (S+R+B)
Roy Santiago & Website Pien Feith (S+M+B)

Sadhbh O Sullivan (S)
S as in Assassins (S+F+M)
Sam Knoop (S+M+R+B)
Seven feet spine (S)
Shutgun Shiva (S)
Sidewalk (S+F+M)
Sikk (F+M)
Sinatra & Friends (S+M+R+B)
Six licks (F+M)
Sleazy dreams (S)
Slew Jones (F+M)
Slightly Dazed (S)
Smash the statues (F+M)
Smitty Jones and the unbeatable lovemakers (F+M)
Smoking Chimneys (F+M)
Snoeck (S)
Snollebollekes (B+R+M)
Sons of the patriots (S+F+M)
Sound x-press (S+F+M)
Spanish blues (F+M)
Spoor 6 (S+F+M)
Stekkers (S+F+M)
Stes (S+F+M)
Stichting Kunstbende (F+M)
Straight from the fridge (S+F+M)
Stringing matters (F+M)
Style beats liberation front (S)
Sugar sweet (F+M)
Sunday Sun (S)
Suicide Chocolate Cake (S)
Sunz of banditos (S)
Svartvit (S)
Sway (F+M)
Sweet ‘n Sour (S+F+M)
Sweet lords animal (F+S)
Synesthesia (S)

Take control (S+F+M)
Tamarin Desert (M+B)
Tass Finner (S+F+M)
Tastic (M)
The 101’s (S)
The Crawler (S+F+M)
The Diesel Ducks (S)
The Dirty Denims (S+F+M)
The galactic lo-fi orchestra (S)
The Gooch (S)
The Gypsys (S+F+M)
The Harlets (F+M)
The humming birds (S)
The Issues (S)
The Jacks (S)
The Kik (R+B+S+M)
The Knockaround Slackers (S+F+M)
The Mad Trist (T)
The Motion (S)
The odd keys (F+M)
The perfect crime (S)
The real danger (S)
The risque (S+F+M)
The Seasons (F+M)
The Sidekicks (S)
The Skarabeez (S)
The Sleeper (F+M)
The Snowblower (S+F+M)
The Sofu Sessions (S+F+M)
The Sugarettes (S)
This routine is hell (S)
Thorsten von Lippe Biesterfeld (M+R+S+B)
Those foreign kids (S+F+M)
Three (S+F+M)
Throw me in the crater (F+M)
TNO OZO open podium (F+M)
Toevallig leuk (S)
Tom Neven (S+M+R+B)
Too red (F+M)
To Twelve (R+B+M+S)
Turbulence (F+M)
Twan Lijten (S+M+R+B)
Twice (F+M)
Two and a half each (S+F+M)
Two pound steak (S+F+M)

Unicef talent battle (S)

Van katoen (S)
Vegas for millions (S)
VOF de Kunst (R)
Voltage (S+F+M+R+B)
Voyager (F+M)

Wangunst (F+M)
Wasted Bullet (S)
Wax ‘n’ Wane (S)
WC Experience (S+M+B)
Why Tony (M+B)
Will & the People (S+B)
Wonderfool (S+F+M)
Wooden constructions (S+F+M)
Woody Veneman (S+F+M+B+R)
Woost (S)

Yama (F+M)
Young and damaged (S+F+M)

F = Front of house
M = Monitors
R = Recording in studio
S = Stagehands & Assistant Audio Engineer (A2)
T = Stagemanagement
B = Broadcasting

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